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Unlock your potential with our Featured IELTS Courses! Achieve a 6.5 score to satisfy the ​New English Language Requirements for the Australian Graduate Visas with our expert-led 10 and 20-week programs. Personalized learning, practical tests, and comprehensive support. Start your journey to success today!

Why Choose Our Classes?

Achieve Your IELTS Goals: Comprehensive Training for All Skill Levels

Each course is structured to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience, focusing on improving all four IELTS skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The courses are designed to build confidence and ensure students are exam-ready, providing a solid foundation for achieving the target IELTS score and succeeding in English-speaking environments.

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This intensive program is ideal for learners aiming for quick progress. It includes 30 hours of personalized instruction, covering half of the renowned Pearson’s “Expert IELTS” coursebook and culminating in a mock test. This course is designed for those who prefer one-on-one learning to focus on specific areas of improvement. The cost is $210 per week, with a discounted rate of $1890 for upfront payment.

Geared towards comprehensive preparation, this course offers 60 hours of individualized teaching, covering the entire “Expert IELTS” coursebook and including two mock tests. It suits learners who need a thorough understanding of the IELTS format and strategies. The fee is $210 per week, with a full payment option of $3360, providing an extensive and deep dive into each aspect of the test. FREE material if you pay upfront!

Designed for students with intermediate English proficiency, this course offers a collaborative and interactive learning environment for small groups of 3 to 5 students. It encompasses 30 hours of group instruction, concentrating on thematic modules, exercise analysis, and a mock test with personalized feedback. Facilitating peer learning and dynamic interaction, the course is priced at $150 per week per student.

Tailored for beginners or those unfamiliar with IELTS, this extended course spans 60 hours of group lessons, accommodating small groups of 3 to 5 students. It delves into ten thematic modules, encompassing exercise analysis, assessment sessions, and two mock tests. This setup is ideal for students seeking gradual progress in their English proficiency. The course is priced at $150 per week per student.

Course Features

Expert-Led Instruction: Benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of our instructors, each with over 15 years in the field of English language teaching and IELTS preparation. They provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Tailored Learning Experience: Our courses are designed to meet you where you are in your English language journey. Whether you are just starting or nearly at your target score, our courses adapt to your specific needs.

Small Class Sizes: With a cap of 3 to 5 students per group class, we ensure a focused, interactive, and supportive learning environment. This setting fosters better engagement and personalized attention.

Comprehensive Study Materials: Utilize the “Expert IELTS” book from Pearson, along with additional resources and practice tests. These materials are selected to comprehensively cover all aspects of the IELTS exam.

Mock Tests and Feedback: Experience the format and pressure of the real IELTS test with our mock exams. Receive detailed feedback on your performance to understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

Flexible Scheduling: Choose from various class schedules to fit your busy life. Our course timings are designed to accommodate students from different time zones and with varying daily commitments.

Progress Tracking: Regular assessments and feedback sessions ensure you are on track to achieve your language goals. We monitor your progress and adjust the teaching approach as needed to maximize your learning potential.

Interactive and Engaging Classes: Our courses are interactive, combining theory with practical exercises. This approach keeps you engaged and aids in the retention of new knowledge and skills.

Dedicated Support: From the first inquiry to the end of your course, our team is here to support you. We provide guidance, answer questions, and offer the resources you need to succeed.

By choosing our IELTS preparation courses, you are not just signing up for a class; you are embarking on a journey to achieve your English language goals with the support of dedicated professionals.

What our students say


We offer private and group courses, each available in 10-week and 20-week durations. Private courses are tailored for individualized attention, while group courses facilitate learning in a collaborative environment.

The 10-week course is ideal for students with intermediate English proficiency who need focused preparation to achieve a 6.5 IELTS score, primarily through practice and guidance.

The 20-week course is designed for beginners or those less familiar with IELTS, covering more extensive content and practice to gradually build the necessary English language skills.

Group classes are limited to 3-5 students to ensure personalized attention and an interactive learning environment.

The primary material is the “Expert IELTS” book from Pearson. Additional resources and mock tests are also included in the course. Books (Coursebook and Resource Book) can be purchased directly via the Pearson website, or with the teacher.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for early registrations and upfront payment options. Additionally, students who pay upfront for the group courses receive their course materials for free.

We provide a free online level test on our website. Based on the results, we can recommend the most suitable course for you.

Yes, each student enrolled in our group courses can access a 15-minute individual doubt-clearing session each week. Private courses are inherently personalized and cater to specific student needs.

We offer various class timings throughout the week, including morning, afternoon, and evening slots, to accommodate different schedules.

You can register for our courses directly on our website. After completing the level test, you can book a 40-minute consultation with the teacher to discuss your learning goals and course details.

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