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Intensive Workshops

Our suite of intensive workshops is meticulously designed to cater to ESL learners preparing for standardized tests like the IELTS, CAE, or PTE, as well as anyone looking to improve their English language skills for professional or personal reasons.

Why Choose Our Workshops?​

Intensive Workshops by Skill:

Each workshop is a deep dive into its respective area, equipping you with the skills and confidence to face language challenges head-on. Whether you are preparing for a test, looking to improve your professional language skills, or simply aiming to become a more effective communicator, our workshops are your gateway to success.

Master the art of writing, from structuring essays to articulating thoughts coherently.

Gain confidence in speaking, improving fluency, pronunciation, and presentation skills.

Sharpen your auditory skills and comprehension, vital for effective communication and for excelling at standardised tests.

Enhance your reading abilities, critical for outstanding academic and professional accomplishments..


Our workshops are ideal for ESL learners preparing for standardized tests like the IELTS, CAE, or PTE, as well as anyone looking to improve their English language skills for professional or personal reasons.

Each workshop spans 3 weeks, comprising a total of 6 classes. Each class is designed to be intensive and interactive.

Absolutely! You are welcome to enrol in multiple workshops to enhance different language skills. We recommend spacing them out for the best learning experience.

All our workshops are conducted online via Zoom, allowing participants to join from anywhere in the world for their convenience. The live sessions are hosted on Zoom, ensuring interactive and engaging learning experiences. Additionally, all workshop activities, resources, and support materials are available on our user-friendly online platform, accessible to participants at any time.

We understand that conflicts may arise. Recorded sessions are available for those who miss a class, ensuring you don’t fall behind.

Priced at $380, each workshop offers extensive value, providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience:

  • Expert-Led Classes: Access to 6 intensive, expert-led classes over a 3-week period, focusing on enhancing specific language skills.
  • Small Class Size: A small class setting (maximum of 5 students) ensures personalized attention and an interactive learning experience.
  • Hands-On Learning: Each session is hands-on, giving you ample opportunities to practice skills in real-time.
  • Personalized Feedback: You’ll receive personalized feedback in every session, tailored to your specific needs and progress, which is crucial for improvement.
  • Comprehensive Online Platform: Full access to our user-friendly platform, including recorded sessions, practice exercises, and additional resources.
  • Live Zoom Sessions: Join live, interactive sessions via Zoom from anywhere, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Printed Materials: You’ll receive a professionally printed Participant’s Guide and Workbook, delivered free of charge globally. These are essential for your hands-on practice and reference.
  • Certificate of Completion: A certificate acknowledging your dedication and the skills you’ve gained, a great addition to your professional or academic portfolio.
  • Post-Workshop Support: Continuous support and access to an exclusive community for ongoing engagement and improvement.

Your investment in our workshop goes beyond traditional language learning; it’s a comprehensive package for hands-on skill development, personal and professional growth, and mastering language proficiency with all the necessary tools and personalized guidance.

Yes, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing the workshop, which can be a valuable addition to your professional or academic portfolio.

To ensure personalized attention, we maintain a small class size of no more than five students per workshop.

To ensure our workshop aligns perfectly with your needs, we encourage you to book a 20-minute consultation chat with our teacher. This can be easily scheduled through our user-friendly booking system. During this chat, which can be conducted via Zoom or phone, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your specific goals, ask any questions, and address any doubts you might have. This personalized approach helps us tailor the workshop experience to your unique needs. Following this discussion, if you decide that our workshop is the right fit for you, we can proceed with the enrolment process right then.

Yes, we offer post-workshop support and provide access to an exclusive community of learners for ongoing engagement and learning.

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